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Mrs. Chris Jackson
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  • Master Chris Jackson began her training in martial arts in 2007. She became a Certified Assistant Instructor in 2008 and in 2009 she tested for her 1st Degree Black Belt as well as certified as a Chief Instructor. In 2009 Master Jackson opened her first martial art school and has had the privilege of teaching and mentoring over 1000 students.

    Owning a martial art school is much more than just teaching students to punch and kick; it is an ongoing journey. Master Jackson believes her role is comes along with a much higher calling. God has put her in this role to be a vessel for Him to use to ministry to others by teaching martial arts but also offering opportunities for students to serve our community through service projects offered by Higher Calling Martial Arts. She enjoys building personal relationships with her students and leading her school in a way that everyone feels they are part of something more. She enjoys conversations with her students on what gifts God has given them and what God’s callings are for their lives. Over the years, Master Jackson has had the privilege of helping students achieve their martial art goals, but she has also had the opportunity to watch and help them achieve goals in other areas of their lives related to family, education, careers, and ministry. She has enjoyed being able to watch them in activities such as various sports, theatrical performances, graduations and award ceremonies they have participated in. Sharing life has helped build our martial art family!

    Through the years, Master Jackson has continued to set her own martial art goals and has become a Certified Examiner. She has continued her training and is now a 5th Degree Black Belt (Master Instructor) knowing that she will continue on as long as God allows. She enjoys continuing her education in teaching methods, self-defense techniques, martial art curriculum design, and how to live the healthiest, safest and most enjoyable life. As Master Jackson shares the information she learns with her students, they also receive the benefits. Some personal goals outside of martial arts include continuing to grow in her relationship with Jesus Christ and setting new ministry goals. She is constantly growing her personal relationships with friends and family. She also has a goal to one day be a published author.

    Mrs. Jackson holds a B.S. Degree on Speech Pathology and Audiology. She has learned to overcome her challenges with dyslexia, an auditory processing disorder and ADHD and enjoys being able allow her personal experiences to help others who have similar challenges.

    Mrs. Jackson has been blessed to be married to an amazing husband, given birth to two outstanding now adult children. Over the years she has enjoyed homeschooling her children and helping them transition into and graduate from college. Homeschooling has allowed her to operate the martial art school and has allowed her time to enjoy activities with her family. Taking vacations to the Caribbean with her family (and at times part of her martial art family as well) and SCUBA diving together are all great bonding experiences.

    Being a Martial Art School Owner and Chief Instructor is not just a job for Mrs. Jackson. It is just part of who she is and what God has called her to be.