Here at Higher Calling Martial Arts, we know that sometimes challenges might arise where training may not be possible in person.

This is why we have crated our state of the art Virtual Dojang. When you train virtually with Master Jackson you will be connected via the Webex Meeting app. You and other students will log on to her "private" meeting room (offering security and safety) to participate in a virtual class.

Master. Jackson will be conducting tests from one of her regular dojangs offering allowing her the same tools that she would use in her in-person dojangs to help demonstrate the techniques you will be learning.

The Virtual Dojang is equipped with a 65" TV screen, a high quality camera with up to 4K resolution, and high speed internet so that all students in class can be easily seen allowing for constructive and accurate correction, Master Jackson is easily seen and heard enabling them to mimic all details of each technique, and there is no internet lag from HCMA's internet connection.

Student who train virtually have found this mode of training helpful and useful - especially during our 2020 Covid-19 challenges.

Contact Masater Jackson if you'd like to have a private mini-class to get your training started!