We finished up January and February focusing on our first principle of humility. As we go through spring (March and April) we will be moving on to our next principle of INTEGRITY. This is another character trait and principle that we find in the Bible and is so important as we go through our lives.

As we go through the months of January and February putting a heavy emphasis on Choi Kwang Do's First Principle - HUMILITY - I have been posting some encouraging quotes and Bible verses on Facebook. I wanted to share them as well on our webpage as not everyone is on facebook and not everyone who is on facebook checks it regularly. I will be updating this list each day as well. The more we as a school and individuals consciously focus on being humble, the more we are able to ministry to those around us!!!  

Fall is about here!

As we enter September, the weather cools down, families have settled into their new school schedules, activities have been though of and some even signed up for so let’s talk about some great activities and opportunities coming up.