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When we are with others we should always treat them with gentleness (being kind and nice, the way we would like to be treated).  We should also have self-control (keeping our actions and emotions under control, not hurting anyone by our words or actions).

“Tell them not to speak evil things against anyone.  Remind them to live in peace.  They must consider the needs of others.  They must be kind and gentle toward all people”  Titus 3:2 (NIVr)

A foolish person let’s his anger run wild, but a wise person keeps himself under control.”  Proverbs 29:11 (NIVr)

How can you practice


(example talking points for parents and students)

What would you do if your brother or sister hit you?  Maybe step back away from them and say that it was not nice to do that and tell them you would not do that to them.  Tell then you forgive them.  Tell a parent if the action continues.

What would you do if you were in school and someone said something that hurt your feelings?  Tell them that it hurt your feelings and that you would not want to hurt their feelings.  Know that God loves you and be confident in the fact that God made you very special and that when someone hurts you with their words, remember you can find comfort in Jesus

What would you do if you get so mad that you want to hurt something or someone?

Distance yourself from the situation.  Anger is real, but we need to find constructive ways to express our anger and let it out.  Some suggestions: do something physical like running around the yard or doing push-ups.  Do NOT hurt someone by your actions or words. 

What if your mom or dad tell you something you don’t like or agree with?  Do not yell at them, listen to what they have to say, age can bring wisdom.  You might actually learn something you did not know that could help you the rest of your lives.