GENTLENESS - Strength and gentleness perfectly combined - power under control

 Jesus arrived at the Temple where people were gathered around wanting him to teach them.  Suddenly some religious leaders brought a woman who had done some bad things into the Temple in front of everyone and told Jesus that she was caught doing these bad things and should be punished.  Jesus was quiet and did not respond to them.  He just bent over and began writing in the dirt.  The religious leaders continued asking him over and over.  Finally Jesus said, “Let the person who has never done anything wrong punish her”  Jesus bent back down and one by one everyone left.  After all were gone

Jesus stood up and asked the woman if there was anyone there to punish her.  She answered, “no”.  Jesus then said, “Well, I will not punish you either, go on your way but do not do bad things any more.

 Jesus could have allowed others to punish the woman as she did do wrong.  He decided  to be gentle in how he responded to her wrong-doing.  I am sure the woman was fearful that she might receive a punishment, but I also think that by gently protecting her, she also realized that she had to change her ways.  Jesus was gentle and gave her grace.  Your parent sometimes have grace with you as well.  Sometimes when you do something wrong they may punish you and other times they may be very gentle but you understand that you did wrong and try really hard not to do that wrong thing again. 

 While you color the picture to the left, think about how your parents might have been gentle in a response to something you may have done wrong.  Thank them for loving you so much!

Always remember, Jesus loves and wants to be your friend forever!


“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love”

Ephesians 4:2