Tiny Tigers

Having self-control is very hard.  We can not do it alone.  We need Jesus to help us when things get really hard.  Having self-control means that sometimes we need to STOP or say NO to something, but it also means there are times when we need to say YES and DO somethings.  I have a short list of items some ways to help you have that self-control, and when things get hard, ask for Jesus to help you do these things.  

PERSEVERANCE - To keep working on something even if you don’t want to

Do you remember the story of Noah and the Ark?  If you recall, God told Noah that He was going to be sending a big flood that would cover the entire earth with water.  He told Noah that if he followed God’s directions, God would keep him safe.  Noah was asked to build a really big boat.  In fact, this boat was 450 feet long. 

Let’s compare two pretend people.  We are going to compare Humber Henry and Prideful Paul to see who you would like to be more like. 

INTEGRITY - “Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching” C.S. Lewis


GENTLENESS - Strength and gentleness perfectly combined - power under control